Welcome to the Quander Family Directory

This is a Members Only directory.  Only approved members are granted credentials to access.  The database is as secure as your online banking app.  Pls share with other family members and encourage the family to add their contact information to the directory and provide a full profile to help the family get to know each other. 

Quanders United will use the space to:

  • Announce birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and major milestones
  • Share planning schedules and updates about annual reunion activities

  • Tell about new events or fundraising campaigns

  • Talk about the most important news

  • Provide reminders to pay annual membership dues
  • Share family-run services and business contact information
  • Much more

Be sure to visit the Quanders United website for news, events calendar, history, and more — https://quandersunited.org

Let us know if you have any questions :)

Quanders United


Let's Get Started

Hi, there! It’s great to see you here. Welcome to our private directory 😄

Wondering where to get started?

The first thing to do is to update your profile with your details. You can add your photo, address, phone number, interests, work & education… share as much as you want with the family.

You can also update your privacy settings so you will only share with other members what you’re comfortable with.

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👀 Keep an eye on the announcements

Our officers will share insights, news, and opportunities as announcements, which will be viewed by everyone. This is a great way for you to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the family.


🙌 Connect with other members

You can easily find family members that are part of Quanders United. You can see what they are up to (work and business ventures) and send them a private message through the network. Feel free to contact, connect, and collaborate.


💸 Membership dues reminders

Paying your annual membership dues is important. Dues payments allow the organization to maintain the Quanders United website and this directory, host family fellowship events, and more.  This directory will notify you of the amount of your annual membership dues with provide reminders to pay when you log in.


📈 Find your dream job

Browse through the job listings posted by family members. The job you most seek might be just a few clicks away! 


🗓 Sign up for events

Check out the events tab and sign up for upcoming events as they appear.


💛 Fundraising campaigns

This is how we support our organization and give back to the community. Here you can find campaigns to raise funds and you will be able to collaborate if you feel the need to, or simply share it and help spread the word. 


📱 Get the mobile apps!

Download our free mobile apps to benefit from all these features on the go.


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